Support for Transradial Angiography and Revascularization

The STARTable, designed for use in conjunction with the STARBoard, comprises two components. The carbon fibre board contains 0.5mm thick Lead in the vertical surface offering radiation scatter protection to the operator.

The shelf provides support for catheters, wires and other equipment. It is adjustable along the length of the STARTable allowing the shelf to be positioned as close to the STARBoard as desired, preventing any sagging of drapes and pooling of solutions in this area.

The STARTable slides easily underneath the mattress with the patient on the table for simple set up. The shelf can then be positioned forward or back as required. The vertical section of the carbon-fibre board contains 0.5mm thick Lead. The Lead is embedded inside the carbon-fibre body and as such is relatively lightweight , very durable and easy to clean. The mean reduction in scatter radiation with the C-Arm head in a PA orientation, for the operator at a waist equivalent height is 47.2% and at a neck equivalent height is 80.3%. See below for a link to our full test report by an independent Medical Physicist. To view the results of this testing click here.

STARTable Product Code: AM0140C


Length 71cm/2'4"
Width 51cm/1'8"
Height 23cm/9"
Weight 2.5Kg
Shelf Travel +/- 6cm/2"