Antegrade IR Platform

Antegrade IR Platform

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An ideal work surface for antegrade femoral approach.

The Antegrade IR Platform offers a stable, radiolucent, height and length appropriate work surface, providing clinical benefits to the current practice of laying procedural equipment on the mattress and patient. It is the ultimate solution for catheter/guide wire manipulation, presenting a large surface area conveniently aligned with the femoral artery site for supporting equipment during a procedure.

The narrow portion extends alongside the patient towards the femoral artery, offering a steady platform for the clinician to rest their wrists on during wire manipulation. The legs can be adjusted to the appropriate height and locked for the duration of the procedure, ensuring a stable work surface.

Crafted from carbon fibre composite and high-performance engineering plastics, the Antegrade IR Platform is light-weight yet strong and has a high resistance to chemical attack.


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