Drape Support

Drape Support

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Versatile sterile drape management

Designed to support a sterile drape over the patient, the extremely versatile Drape Support offers a wide range of imaging table placement options. With two articulating joints, it can be easily manoeuvred to suit procedural and patient requirements. Set up is achieved in seconds as the daggerboard slides under the mattress at a convenient position.

The clear support surface can then be manipulated and locked at the desired position. The adjustable surface is ideal for supporting lightweight equipment such as syringes, kidney bowls, etc. It is transparent for patient comfort, helping to reduce anxiety.

Clinically tested, it can be used in numerous interventional radiology and cardiology procedures such as antegrade femoral artery access, jugular artery access, transcutaneous pacing, portacath insertion or as an anaesthesia screen.

The Drape Support is crafted entirely from radiolucent, high-performance engineering plastics for superior rigidity, durability and resistance to chemical attack. The Drape Support is lightweight and compact taking up minimal space around the imaging table and even less when folded for storage.



Versatile & Manoeuvrable




Product Code Products Weight
AM1000 Drape Support 1.2 Kg


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