IR SYSTEM - Radial

IR SYSTEM - Radial

Adept Medical introduces the IR SYSTEM. Comprising the Adept STARBoard, Extension and IR Shield it is a complete, clinically engineered solution for left side radial access procedures.

The STARBoard is a clinically engineered solution for radial access procedures. Ergonomically designed with fully articulating arms and friction joints for superior adjustment it provides unequaled patient comfort and ease of use for clinicians.




The clip-on STARBoard Extension transitions your guide wires from the radial access site to your draped trolley and also provides a stable work surface for wire manipulation.




The IR Shield is deployed in seconds to the optimum position for clinician protection from Scatter Radiation. The 0.5mm Lead (Pb) vertical sheet encapsulated in the shield reduces operator zone X-ray scatter with the C-arm head in a PA (0°) orientation by up to 91% and 51% at waist and neck height respectively. For a full radiation report CLICK HERE




STARBoard & Extension IR Shield Extension
Product Code AMO180 AMO500 AMO190
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