Retrograde IR Platform

Retrograde IR Platform

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The Retrograde IR Platform is the ideal over patient work surface for Vascular and Interventional Radiology.

The platform offers clinical benefits to the current practice of laying procedural equipment over the patients' legs by offering a stable, radiolucent, height and length appropriate solution for your femoral artery access procedures. It is the ultimate stable solution for catheter/guide wire manipulation offering a large work area for laying out equipment.

The height of the platform can be adjusted to suit the specific patient size ensuring the surfaces feathered leading edge can be tuned to the femoral access site. The platform, with its attachable extension, can be set up at two different lengths according to equipment needs. The stand alone platform is well suited for shorter wire procedures such as ‘Rapid exchange catheter systems’ and the extended platform is suited for ‘Over The Wire Catheter Systems’ or Neuroradiology wires.

Placed over the patients' legs once they are in a supine position on the imaging table, the carbon fibre composite is light, radiolucent, strong and easy to set up and remove for each patient. For restless patients, it can also be locked down ensuring their movement will not dislodge the platform.


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