A combination of the STARBoard, STARSupport and STARTable, the STARSystem is a complete, clinically engineered solution for radial access procedures.

The STARBoard is a clinically engineered solution for radial access procedures. Ergonomically designed with fully articulating arms and friction joints for superior adjustment it provides unequaled patient comfort and ease of use for clinicians.




A lightweight, compact accessory that helps facilitate left arm radial procedures, the STARSupport clips onto the STARBoard after radial access has been achieved. It supports the upper left arm, presenting the wrist in an elevated position across the abdomen of the patient. This allows the clinician to continue working comfortably from the right hand side of the table.



The STARTable is comprised of two components. The vertical shield contains 0.5mm thick lead, offering radiation scatter protection to the operator. (View full test report by an independent Medical Physicist)
The shelf provides support for catheters, wires and other equipment. It is adjustable along the length of the STARTable allowing the shelf to be positioned as close to the STARBoard as desired, preventing sagging of drapes and pooling of solutions in this area.



STARSystem STARBoard
(inc Support)
Product Code AMO160C AMO100D AMO140C
Length 77cm / 2'5" 71cm / 2'3"
Width 45cm / 1'6" 51cm / 1'8"
Height 22cm / 9" 23cm / 9"
Weight 3.8 Kg 1.3Kg 2.5Kg