Sterilisation Tray Corner Protectors

Sterilisation Tray Corner Protectors

Adept Medical SteriProtect Corner Protectors provide a simple and effective solution for the protection of surgical instrument packs.

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Specifically designed for use in Central Sterile Service and Supply Departments (CSSD) of healthcare institutions, SteriProtect Corner Protectors prevent the tray corners and feet from creating rips, holes and tears in sterilisation wraps.

Procedure trays of surgical instruments are often wrapped by Sterile Processing Technicians, in a non-woven CSR wrap to maintain sterility until use. If the wrap has any holes, becomes ripped or torn, then it must be rejected in the operating room which causes serious, untimely and costly delays. The economic benefit of using SteriProtect Corner Protectors can equate to a significant annual saving in prevention costs for both re-processing and operating room delays.

Specifically designed and manufactured in a soft touch TPE to create a flexible ‘bumper’ between the tray’s sharp corners and the sterile wrap. The SteriProtect Corner Protector has been designed to depress inward on the corner, decreasing impact. The shape has been designed to fit corners of different sizes and shapes, including those with a larger radius.

The open cell design allows air to vent freely. The holes and ribs surrounding the holes have been designed to reduce the likelihood of moisture being trapped and encourages airflow following steam sterilisation methods.

The highly visible pink colour stands out against blue wraps, reducing the risk of corner protectors being discarded.

SteriProtect Corner Protectors come in boxes of 640, containing 8 packs of 80.



  • Reduces CSR wrap tears. 
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs caused by contaminated surgical trays.
  • Open cell design allows air to vent freely, offering improved drying. 
  • Highly visible pink colour stands out against blue wraps.
  • Can be used with steam, ethylene oxide and low-temperature plasma sterilisation.


Product Code Description Quantity Sterilisation Compatibility
AM0200PC SteriProtect 640/ Box Contains 8 packs of 80 Steam, Ethylene oxide, Low-temperature plasma sterilisation


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